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900 Series: Leaf Casting Accessories

MSC Leafcaster Maintenance and Supplies

Leafcaster maintenance parts
Replacement support grids are available for both Standard and Large Book & Document Leafcasters. Also available are replacement hoses, holddown grids and screening for the leafcasting tank.

Leafcaster Supplies
Items that are useful for both the Book & Document Leafcasters and the Fold & Edge Leafcasters. Pulp blenders are used to make paper pulp for casting. The pulp sample maker is an easy way to test the thickness of pulp before casting. A tacking iron is used to spot dry castings. Methyl Cellulose is used as a sizing on papers to be repaired in the Leafcaster.

No. Description Notes
912-001 Fein Vacuum Cleaner 120 VAC
912-002 Fein Vacuum Cleaner 230 VAC
916-001 Plastic Support Grid Replacement part
917-001Plastic Holddown LidReplacement Part
918-001 Braided Reinforced Hose 1.5 inch diameter, Sold per yard/meter
919-001 Fiberglass Layer Screen Replacement part
920-001 Duct Tape Sold per roll
923-001 Sponge
925-001 Pulp Blender 110 VAC
925-002 Pulp Blender 220 VAC
927-001 Pulp Measuring and Preparation Kit
929-001 Tacking Iron 220 VAC
929-002 Tacking Iron 110 VAC
B1601-016 Methyl Cellulose Powder 1 pound (500 grams)
H9000-000 Deep Throated Gage (Micrometer) Measures in inches
M7522-050 Blotter Paper, Heavy Duty 38 x 52" (97 x 132 cm), 100 pt, 50 sheet pack
M7801-100 Reemay 2014 51" x 100 yards (130 cm x 100 m), Sold per roll
M7804-001 Tyvek Matte Material Sold per yard/meter

MSC Pagesizer Digitizer Software

933-001 PageSizer Digitizer Software
933-001 PageSizer Digitizer Software

This PC-based computer software allows the user to accurately calculate the amount of pulp needed for each casting operation. The software performs a very specific purpose: the determination of the area of paper loss in the leafcasting process. It makes automatic calculations of the area of paper loss, then specifies the volume of slurry solution needed for the cast. The MSC PageSizer Software is compatible with any digital camera and a personal computer with a Windows operating system (not included). MSC PageSizer Software works with any Leafcaster made by any manufacturer.

This software performs one purpose: the determination of the area of paper loss in documents suitable for the leaf casting process. There is no other warranty, express or implied, as to performance, merchantability or fitness for any other purpose. The software comes with a one year limited warranty.

933-001 PageSizer Digitizer Software Windows platform
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