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800 Series: Vacuum Pumps and Suction Motors

The Difference Between Vacuum Pumps and Suction Motors

210-004 PCT-E Package255-001 Tiger Vac Vacuum Cleaner832-001 1023 Gast Vacuum Pump
The MSC Vacuum Console comes as a part of the PCT-E PackageThe Tiger Vac Vacuum Cleaner is the optimal casuum source for a Direct Suction TableThe Vacuum Pump in Noise Reducing Cabinet provides high volume levels for small suction devices

There are two kinds of vacuum sources available to power conservation tools; Suction Motors and Vacuum Pumps. Suction Motors have higher air flow, but lower vacuum levels than Vacuum Pumps. The treatment dictates which level of negative pressure (Vacuum) is needed, which then determines what sort of vacuum source should be used.

Cold Suction Paper Conservation machines like the Paper Conservation Table or Direct Suction Platen are primarily used for conservation of works of art on paper, documents or in general on any porous object. Large area suction devices, like the Direct Suction Table, work best with Suction Motors like the MSC Vacuum Console Unit or Tiger-Vac Vacuum Cleaner.

Suction Motors can create up to 100 inches (2500 mm) of H2O and up to 105 CFM (cubic feet of air per minute) of Air Flow. The Dual Motor MSC Control Console unit (with two motors) can create up to 200 CFM.

Small area suction devices, like the Hand-Held Suction Device or Manuscript Suction Device work best with a Vacuum Pump like the 1023 or 1423 Gast Vacuum Pumps.

Vacuum pumps, such as the 1023 or 1423 Gast Vacuum Pumps develop up to 340 inches of H2O for vacuum levels and up to 10 or 14 CFM for air flow.

When you are at the maximum end of one measurement, you are at the minimum end of the other. The maximum vacuum will also produce the minimum airflow, and vice versa.

• MSC Control Console is available on the Suction Tables Accessories page.

• Tiger-Vac Vacuum Cleaner is available on the Suction Tables Accessories page.

• Gast Vacuum Pump is available on the Small Suction Devices page.

Vacuum Pump and Suction Motor Levels

Name Part No. Vacuum Level
(Inches of Hg.)
Vacuum Level
(Inches of H2O)
Air Flow
Vacuum Level
(mm HG)
Vacuum Level
Air Flow
MSC Control Console - Single Motor250-0017.26100100 53.52 25.0 169.9
MSC Control Console - Dual Motors 250-002 7.26 100 200 53.52 25.0 339.8
Tiger-Vac HEPA Vacuum Cleaner 255-001 7.14 105 102 56.2 26.25 173.32
Gast 1023 Vacuum Pump 832-001 23 338.1 10 181.39 84.72 16.99
Gast 1423 Vacuum Pump 833-001 23 338.1 14 181.39 84.72 23.78

Vacuum Pump and Suction Motor Maintenance Parts

No. Description Notes
841-001 Fluid Trap & Hose Kit for Gast 1023/1423
842-001 Vacuum Pump Intake Jar (AC 393)
842-002 Vacuum Pump Intake Jar Holder
842-003 Vacuum Pump Filters for AC 393 jars
845-001 Vacuum Gage (0-30 inches Hg)
847-001 Exhaust Hose (3/4 inch) Sold per 10 feet
846-001 Vacuum Pump Noise Muffler 1/4 inch NPT

Vacuum Accessories

870-001 Adapter: Console to Suction Device
870-002 Adapter: Vacuum Pump to Suction Device
870-003 Adapter: Tiger-Vac to Suction Device
878-001 Flexible Hose (½ inch) Sold per 10 feet
870-004 Diverter Valve for Tiger-Vac or Vacuum Pump Run 2 devices off one
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