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800 Series: Small Suction Devices

Small Suction Devices

Suction devices are available in many sizes and for various treatments. Each MSC Suction Device is designed to fit a specific need. Each one easily connects to vacuum pumps, vacuum cleaners, or the MSC Control Console for use. Each device comes with a twill polyethylene screen, a vacuum diaphragm, and a hose for connection to the specified vacuum source.

801-022 Manuscript Suction Device (Stealth Sucker)
801-022 Manuscript Suction Device (Stealth Sucker)

Manuscript Suction Device a.k.a. Stealth Sucker
An effective suction tool for stain removal, tape removal, aqueous treatments, drying operations, spot casting and much more. The Stealth Sucker features a thin beveled edge that slides under the object without disturbing fragile objects, large documents or damaged pieces of art.

802-029 Book Suction Machine
802-029 Book Suction Machine

Book Suction Machine
The Book Suction Machine consists of a thin, wedge-shaped suction platen and a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tabletop lectern to hold the book. The suction platen is available for sale separately. The book suction platen’s thinnest edge measures 1/16” thick (2 mm). This allows the platen to slip far into the spleen for treatments.

804-037 Handheld Suction Device
804-037 Handheld Suction Device

Hand Held Suction Device
A small suction device designed to fit in the palm of your hand. Useful for controlled vacuum treatments in confined locations. Manufactured of aluminum with a stainless steel perforated screen.

806-037 Table Mounted Suction Device
806-037 Table Mounted Suction Device

Table Mounted Suction Device
The Table Mounted Suction Device mounts into a worktable or it can be used in the palm of your hand. Table can be constructed to any size specification. Please inquire.

807-038 Fritted Glass Disk
807-038 Fritted Glass Disk

Fritted Glass Disk
A glass funnel with a fritted top of superfine porosity. The suction surface diameter is 92 mm (2.33 inches). An optional support table is available. Please inquire, other sizes can be manufactured.

Various Sized Square Suction Devices
Various Sized Square Suction Devices

Small Square Suction Platens
Designed for use with high and low vacuum sources, these suction devices suck air downward, through the suction platen. Standard hose connection is 3.81 cm (1-1/2 inches). Please specify if another hose size is used. Each platen comes with disposable twill screening attached to the surface and a piece of vinyl diaphragm for masking. Specify either Side Venting (for use on a tabletop) or Bottom Venting (for mounting in a table) when ordering.

• Custom sizes available, please inquire.

809-028 Thin Edge Suction Device
809-028 Thin Edge Suction Device

Thin Edge Suction Devices
For suction treatments under stretcher bars, this design evolved from a great idea originated by Robert Proctor. The device weights approximately 1 pound (.45 kg) Solvent resistant, each suction platen is constructed of stainless steel while the suction plenum is made of aluminum. Different size hoses can attach to the plenum. Tripod sold separately.

No.DescriptionSize (mm)Size (inches)Notes
801-022Manuscript Suction Device200 x 2008 x 8
802-029 Book Suction Machine, Small300 x 20012 x 8
802-032 Book Suction Machine, Large460 x 36018 x 14
803-029 Book Suction Device, Small 300 x 20012 x 8 Platen Only
803-032 Book Suction Device, Large 460 x 36018 x 14 Platen Only
804-037Hand-Held Suction Device49
806-037Table Mounted Suction Device49
806-004Table for Mounted Suction Device 1220 x 1530 48 x 60
807-038Fritted Glass Disk with Holder92
807-003Fritted Glass Disk Table 920 x 1220 36 x 48
808-021Square Suction Device130 x 130 5 x 5Side or Bottom Suction
808-022Square Suction Device210 x 210 8 x 8Side or Bottom Suction
808-023Square Suction Device 300 x 300 12 x 12Side or Bottom Suction
808-024Square Suction Device350 x 350 14 x 14Side or Bottom Suction
808-025Square Suction Device 410 x 410 16 x 16Side or Bottom Suction
808-026Square Suction Device 460 x 460 18 x 18Side or Bottom Suction
808-027Square Suction Device610 x 610 24 x 24Side or Bottom Suction
809-023Thin Suction Device 300 x 300 x 4 12 x 12 x 1/8
809-028Thin Suction Device 152 x 300 x 4 6 x 12 x 1/8
809-100Tripod Mounting Stand

Gast 1023 and 1423 Vacuum Pumps in Noise Reducing Boxes

832-001 1023 Vacuum Pump
832-001 1023 Vacuum Pump

An excellent vacuum source for all Small Suction Devices. The Gast 1023 or Gast 1423 vacuum pump comes installed in a noise reducing cabinet. Easy operation uses a foot pedal switch to turn the pump on and off.

Able to be used with water and small amounts of solvent thanks to a system of fluid traps and filters. Each vacuum pump cabinet includes casters, an exhaust hose, a foot controlled electrical switch, noise-reducing material inside the cabinet, dual fluid collection containers, water trap, and quick-connect hose fittings.

• 120 VAC 50 Hz 1Ø 1800 watts
• 220 VAC 60 Hz 1Ø 1800 watts

No. Size (mm) Size (inches)
832-001 450 x 650 x 510 8 x 26 x 20
833-001 450 x 650 x 510 8 x 26 x 20
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