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500 Series: Solid Support Panels

MSC Honeycomb Solid Support Products

511-001 Solid Support Panels in verious sizes
511-001 Solid Support Panels in verious sizes

MuseuM Services Corporation manufactures a wide variety of support panels. Panels can be custom designed to any shape or size, even curved surfaces.

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Honeycomb core, solid support panels offer excellent rigidity, strength and are lightweight. Made to order, solid supports are time savers in the lining process. The thermal coefficient of expansion and contraction for aluminum honeycomb panels is similar to most organic materials. Shapes vary from regular to irregular; curved, inserts for doorways, oval tops, out of square corners, ceiling and oversized paintings, very small paintings, oval shapes, and panels with cutouts in the middle. Aluminum Honeycomb Panels are great for difficult bonding situations, flag and textile supports, and more. When traditional support techniques such as fabric linings do not stabilize the artwork sufficiently, solid supports are excellent substitutes. Solid supports minimize stress within the various layers of the painting.

Building a Support Panel
When ordering a Solid Support Panel, the three components that comprise the panel are chosen according to the needs of the project. These components are the honeycomb core, the surface skins and the closeout around all edges of the panel. Changing each of these affects the properties of the panel.

MuseuM Services Corporation offers different honeycomb thickness, skin thickness and closeout choices.

No.Thickness (mm)Thickness (inches)

Honeycomb core
Honeycomb core is available in 1/2, 9/16 and 1 inch thickness. 1/2 inch is the standard thickness for a panel, but a thicker panel is recommended if the panel is over 4 feet in length or width. The thickness of a panel determines the pricing. All panels are priced per square foot.

Support panel skins
Support panels are available with Aluminum skins. The skins are available in .025 and .032 thickness. .032 is the standard thickness for support panel skins. .025 skins are thinner and lighter, but will not resist surface denting as well.

Support panels closeout
There are three different closeout options to choose from: Basswood, Obomodulon resin foam, and aluminum. Basswood is the standard closeout, with physical properties similar to aluminum. Obomodulon resin foam passes the Oddy Test for offgassing. It is much denser then Basswood and cannot be stapled into. Aluminum frame closeouts are for panels that need to look like solid aluminum, but maintain the lightness of a honeycomb panel. Call for pricing on Aluminum or Obomodulon Foam closeouts.

Honeycomb Panel Hangers

546-001 J-Bar Hanging Cleat per foot
547-001Z-bar Hanging Cleat per foot
547-002Z-bar Hanging Cleat, Heavy Duty per foot
548-001Insert nuts in panel for hanging Pair
549-001Key Hole Hangers cut into panel Pair
550-001 Mounting Blocks, Aluminum 1½ inch height, Pair

Several options are available for hanging panels, including hanging cleats, keyhole hangers cut directly into the back of the panel, threaded nuts inset in the panel or mounting blocks that screw into the back of the panel.

Hanging cleats come in J-bar, Z-bar or Heavy Duty Z-bar forms. Hanging cleats raise the panel 1/8 to 1/2 inch away from the wall.

Mounting blocks raise a panel approximately one and a half inches away from the wall.

Keyhole hangers and threaded nuts hang a panel flush against a wall.

546-001 J-Bar Hanging Cleat547-001 Z-Bar Hanging Cleat547-002 Z-Bar Heavy Duty Hanging Cleat550-001 Aluminum Mounting Block
546-001 J-Bar Hanging Cleat547-001 Z-Bar Hanging Cleat547-002 Z-Bar Heavy Duty Hanging Cleat550-001 Aluminum Mounting Block

DiBond Support Panels

This unique composite material has two face sheets of .010 inch thick aluminum bonded to a polyethylene core. DiBond is light, flat and strong. It can be exposed to virtually any kind of weather, offering superior long term performance in ambient temperature ranges from -58° F (-50° C) to +175° F (+80° C). DiBond is resistant to breakage and distortion. Available in 2 mm and 4 mm thickness. Standard finish is white polyester painted on both sides. Cut to your quantity, size and shape requirements.

531-0012 mm1/8 inch
532-0014 mm3/16 inch

Mounting Services

MuseuM Services Corporation can mount rag board to the surfaces of the panels. They can also apply gesso treatments to the panels.

Support Panel Surfacings
Rag Board is attached using epoxy.

542-003Rag Board mounted per square foot
542-004 Gesso applied per square foot
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