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300 Series: Vacuum Hot Tables and Heated Suction Tables

MSC Moisture Canopy

330-008 MSC Moisture Canopy
330-008 MSC Moisture Canopy

The larger sizes of the Vacuum Hot Tables, Heated Suction Tables, and Direct Suction Platens make rigid acrylic domes impractical. Canopies create large-scale moisture relaxation zones on the table. Moisture canopies are made with clear, six-millimeter thick nonporous PVC film and placed over an aluminum frame to fit. The Moisture Canopy uses aluminum poles for support. It stores easily, quickly, and compactly when not in use.

The moisture canopy retains moisture provided by the ultrasonic humidifier during relaxation, conditioning and wetting treatments as well as the lining process. Moisture is applied to the object through moistened blankets under the painting or from an ultrasonic humidifier applying moisture from above the work. The Digital Controller Package includes an Ultrasonic Humidifier, Humidifier Hose and fitting and a Digital Humidity Indicator that controls the level of humidity in the canopy.

No.DescriptionSize (feet)Size (mm)
330-020MC Digital Controller Package
330-005MC Humidity Canopy & Poles4 x 6 1220 x 1830
330-007MC Humidity Canopy & Poles5 x 8 1530 x 2440
330-008MC Humidity Canopy & Poles6 x 8 1830 x 2440
330-012MC Humidity Canopy & Poles9 x 12 2740 x 3660

Vacuum Hot Table Converter

340-005 Vacuumm Hot Table Converter
340-005 Vacuumm Hot Table Converter

The MSC Converter is an aluminum suction platen 2.54 cm thick (one inch) that rests on top of an existing Vacuum Hot Table transforming it into a Heated Suction Table. The heat from the hot lining table is the source of heat for the Converter. It is lightweight, with welded handles on two sides, and can be easily removed and stored on its side when not in use. Can also be used for cold suction treatments. The Vacuum Hot Table Converter requires a separate suction source from the Vacuum Hot Table. The Tiger-Vac vacuum cleaner with its vented exhaust capability is recommended as the vacuum source for the Converter.

No.Size (mm)Size (feet)
340-004 1220 x 1530 4 x 5
340-005 1220 x 1830 4 x 6
340-007 1530 x 2440 5 x 8
340-008 1830 x 2440 6 x 8
340-009 1830 x 2740 6 x 9
340-010 1830 x 3660 6 x 12
340-011 2440 x 3660 8 x 12
340-012 2740 x 3660 9 x 12

VHT Supplies

293-002 Suction Diaphragm Material
293-002 Suction Diaphragm Material
352-001 Vacuum Sealing Weight
352-001 Vacuum Sealing Weight
353-001 Instantaneous Infrared Thermometer
353-001 Instantaneous Infrared Thermometer

Replace worn-out supplies or update your table with a new diaphragm, heated blankets, or a new laser-guided handheld thermometer.

Lightweight Insulation Blankets help to prevent heat loss on the tabletop during treatment.

Polyethylene Twill is used on the Heated Suction Table underneath projects to increase the airflow between the surface of the table and the underside of the object. When soiled, it should be disposed of and replaced.

Temperature can be monitored on the top of a Vacuum Hot Table either by placing Reversible Surface Temperature Sensors on key points of the table, or by using the Instantaneous Infrared Thermometer. The IIT is a hand-held thermometer that uses a laser beam to gauge temperature. It is convenient for rapid heat readings of multiple points on the table without the hassle of paper thermometers.

Vacuum Sealing Weights are 60 inch (152 cm) long, thin sandbags that weight down the edges of a vacuum without having to tape down the diaphragm.

Vacuum Diaphragm is a 6-mil thick clear vinyl material that withstands the temperatures of the Vacuum Hot Table without clouding or melting. Diaphragm material should be replaced if it is suspected that it is leaking air through holes or tears in the surface.


293-001 Polyethylene Twill Screen Sold per meter/yard
293-002 Vacuum Diaphragm 6 mil; sold per meter/yard
350-001 Lightweight Insulation Blanket Sold individually
351-010 Reversible Surface Temperature Sensor 10 per pack
352-001 Vacuum Sealing Weight (Sandbags)Sold individually
353-001 Instantaneous Infrared ThermometerSold individually

VHT Maintenance Parts

Regular maintenance can extend the life of a vacuum table for many years. MuseuM Services Corporation offers replacements for parts that suffer wear and tear during regular use of the suction table. It is recommended to replace the vacuum hoses and suction cups every two or three years, depending on use. Suction cups and hoses are easy to replace; Vacuum Pumps and Heating Blankets may require professional assistance.

360-001 Replacement Vacuum Pump PackageSold individually
360-002 Replacement Vacuum Suction Cups Sold in pairs
360-003 Vacuum Hose Kits (complete) Sold in pairs
360-004 Replacement Vacuum Hose Sold per foot
294-001 Vacuum Gauge with Suction Cup (0-200 inches H2O) Sold individually
361-001 Silicone Coated Heating Blanket  
362-001 VHT Aluminum Non-Warp Plate  
363-001 Perforated Plate Aluminum  
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