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300 Series: Vacuum Hot Tables and Heated Suction Tables

HST - Heated Suction Tables

320-007 Heated Suction table package, complete
320-007 Heated Suction table package, complete

A Heated Suction Table combines the versatility of a Direct Suction Platen with the heating functions of a Vacuum Hot Table. With more uses than the Vacuum Hot Table, a Heated Suction Table features a perforated aluminum suction platen on top of durable industrial strength heater blankets. This package includes:
• A steel table frame with steel legs and locking casters, powder coat painted black
• Fail-safe digital temperature controller
• Flexible PVC Diaphragm Material
• Heat Insulating Blankets
• Vacuum Sealing Weight sandbags
• Polypropylene sheet table cover
• Tiger-Vac Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum pump can be installed on the table instead of the Tiger-Vac. Please inquire about this option. Tables 320-011 and 320-012 use two Tiger-Vac units.

Excellent for aqueous linings, the removal of linings, applying fabric interleaves with uniform attachment, mending tears, doing paste linings, and reducing or eliminating distortions in paintings. Can be used without heat for paper conservation functions. It can also be used for moisture relaxation using an MSC Moisture Canopy.

• 220/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 1Ø or 3Ø 20-30 amps depending on the size

No.Size (mm)Size (feet)
320-0051220 x 18304 x 6
320-0071530 x 24405 x 8
320-0081830 x 24406 x 8
320-0091830 x 27406 x 9
320-010 1830 x 3660 6 x 12
320-011 2440 x 3660 8 x 12
320-012 2740 x 3660 9 x 12
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