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300 Series: Vacuum Hot Tables and Heated Suction Tables

MSC Vacuum Hot Table Packages

Vacuum Hot Table Package, complete
Vacuum Hot Table Package, complete
Fail-safe Digital Temperature Controller with High Limit Controller and Hour Meter
Fail-safe Digital Temperature Controller with High Limit Controller and Hour Meter

Each machine consists of durable industrial strength heater blankets beneath an aluminum plate. This package includes:
• A steel table frame with steel legs and locking casters, powder coat painted black
• Fail-safe digital temperature controller
• Vacuum Pump
• Four Suction Hoses
• Flexible PVC Diaphragm Material
• Heat Insulating Blankets
• Vacuum Sealing Weight sandbags
• Polypropylene sheet table cover

• 220 VAC 50 Hz 1Ø 20A or 240 VAC 1Ø 60 Hz
(Amperage: 20A-50A, 1 or 3 Phase, depending on size)

Vacuum Hot Tables are used for multiple purposes, including the bonding or infusion of lining fabrics, such as linen, fiberglass or polyester. They are also used for the removal of linings, applying fabric interleaves with uniform attachment, mending tears, doing paste linings, and reducing or eliminating distortions in paintings. They can also be used for moisture relaxation using an MSC Moisture Canopy.

Each table utilizes a no-maintenance Gast 0523 vacuum pump as it's vacuum source. During the lining process, the vacuum pump draws air from the object surface through the vacuum hoses attached to air ports at either end of the machine. A bleeder valve adjusts the vacuum level on the Vacuum Hot Table. A vacuum gauge indicates the negative pressure level.

Temperature control is done through the control console on the front of the table. The control console features an hour meter to track the usage of the table over itís lifetime. The temperature is set using a digital temperature controller. The MSC Vacuum Hot Table also includes a fail-safe high limit temperature controller that turns the table off automatically if a set temperature is reached. The on/off switches for the Controller and the Vacuum Pump are illuminated.

State of the art heating technology as well as a precise temperature controller ensure uniform heat over the entire surface area of the table. The controller displays both the desired temperature (set point) and the actual temperature as it rises (process temperature). The temperature controller features an auto-tune function that allows for easy control to a very precise temperature, as well as a ramping function to gradually raise the temperature over a set period of time.

Set-up of each unit is easy. Each Vacuum Hot Table unit ships complete in a single crate, with the table on it's side. The crate is opened, the legs attached and the table tipped out of the crate. It is then ready to use after plugging in. Assembly and operating instructions are included with each package.

Lightweight-insulating blankets are included to reduce heat loss during heat up and lining. Between treatments, a solvent resistant polypropylene sheet cover protects the working surface. Each table has adjustable height casters to conform to any uneven floor. The table features low power consumption: approximately 5.57 watts /m2 (60 watts /ft2) of working surface at normal operating temperatures between 40-80° C (100-180° F). Heat up and cool down times are approximately 25-30 minutes, depending on room temperature, so no built in cooling fans are necessary.

No.Size (mm)Size (feet)
310-0041120 x 15304 x 5
310-0051220 x 18304 x 6
310-0071530 x 24405 x 8
310-0081830 x 24406 x 8
310-0091830 x 27406 x 9
310-0101830 x 36606 x 12
310-0112440 x 36608 x 12
310-0122740 x 36609 x 12
310-014 1200 x 1600 4 x 5.25
310-015 1600 x 2400 5.25 x 7.25
310-016 2400 x 3000 7.75 X 9.75
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