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200 Series: Paper Conservation Tables

MSC Direct Suction Tables (DST)

280-001 Direct Suction Table with 255-001 TigerVac, Exhause Hose attached
280-001 Direct Suction Table with 255-001 TigerVac, Exhause Hose attached

Direct Suction Tables provide stable platforms during suction treatments such as manipulating inserts, adjusting distortions, control during washing, spot leafcasting, stain removal, tape removal, vellum treatments, and aqueous linings. Direct Suction Tables provide excellent performance without the bells and whistles of the PCT-E Crossflow packages. MSC Direct Suction Tables feature easy attachment to the Tiger-Vac vacuum cleaner or the MSC Control Console for suction. Each platen has handles on both ends for easy handling and storage. Direct Suction Tables, just like the PCT-E, create a vacuum over the object by placing a flexible transparent membrane on top of the object.

• Humidity domes, MSC control consoles, Tiger-Vac Vacuum Cleaners, and Mayline Support Stands are sold separately as optional equipment for the Direct Suction Table.

MSC Direct Suction Tables

No.Size (mm)Size (inches)
280-001 610 x 92024 x 36
280-002 890 x 114035 x 45
280-003 920 x 122036 x 48
280-004 1120 x 153048 x 60
280-005 1220 x 183048 x 72
280-006 1530 x 183060 x 72
280-007 1530 x 244060 x 96
280-008 1830 x 2440 72 x 96
280-016 620 x 71024 x 28
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