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200 Series: Paper Conservation Tables

MSC Moisture Domes

270-004 Humidifcation Dome, closed, on suction platen
270-004 Humidifcation Dome, closed, on suction platen

Moisture treatments on fragile items like pastels, charcoals, and watercolors can be done with precision and ease with the MSC Moisture Dome. The MSC Moisture Dome retains moisture from an ultrasonic humidifier during treatments such as moisture relaxation, conditioning, wetting and relining. The clear acrylic curved dome attaches to the rear of any MSC Suction platen with quick-release stainless steel hinges. Each dome is approximately 43 cm (17 inches) in height. Four circular inspection ports 15.2 cm in diameter (6 inches) allow entry into the dome without releasing the entire moistened atmosphere. Additional inspection ports can be installed by special order. Removable air pistons support the dome when raised and keep it raised with no extra effort. Domes include an aluminum frame to protect the edges and prevent warping while raising and lowering.

• THE ACRYLIC DOME IS FOR MOISTURE APPLICATIONS ONLY. This dome is not suitable for fumigation applications or any other procedures involving the use of toxic chemicals.
• USE OF SUCTION WHILE THIS DOME IS DOWN WILL COLLAPSE THE DOME. Use of the dome in this manner is contrary to the operating instructions.

No.Size (mm)Size (inches)
270-001610 x 92024 x 36
270-002 890 x 1140 35 x 45
270-003 920 x 122036 x 48
270-004 1220 x 153048 x 60
270-005 1220 x 183048 x 72
270-006 1530 x 184060 x 72
270-007 1530 x 244060 x 96
270-008 1830 x 2440 72 x 96
270-013 900 x 1500 35.5 x 59
270-014 1200 x 1600 47 x 63
270-015 1600 x 2400 63 x 94.5
No. Description
271-001 Light Duty Dome Lift Piston, each, for Domes 001-003
271-002 Heavy Duty Dome Lift Piston, each, for Domes 004-015
298-001 Hinge Attachments and Hardware

Mayline Electric Support Stand

210-004 PCT-E Table, front view, Humidification Dome open
210-004 PCT-E Table, front view, Humidification Dome open

This electric support stand allows full tilt or level use for any MSC Suction Platen. The height adjusts to the most comfortable working position with a switch that can be mounted to the underside of the suction platen. Locking caster wheels provide stability and mobility for the unit. A suction platen can be connected to the stand with four nuts and bolts. The 260-002 International model includes a step-down transformer for use with local power requirements.

• Domestic: 120 VAC, 1Ø 240 watts
• International: 230 VAC, 1Ø 240 watts

No.DescriptionHeights (mm)Heights (inches)
260-001US780 - 119029 - 47
260-002International780 - 119029 - 47

MSC Control Console for Paper and Textile Conservation

250-002 Dual Motor Console
250-002 Dual Motor Console
250-002 Dual Motor Console, side view, open, with Charcoal Console Filter and Drip pan
250-002 Dual Motor Console, side view, open, with Charcoal Console Filter and Drip pan

The MSC Control Console contains one or two motors, depending on the size and use of the suction platen to which it will be connected. The dual motor console produces an unconstrained airflow of approximately 339 meters cubed per hour - m3/h (200 cubic feet per minute - CFM). It can sustain vacuum levels up to 2500 mm H2O (100 inches H2O). Dual motor consoles are excellent for porous materials like textiles. Each console contains a variable speed controller, a vacuum gage, an airbrush and air compressor, a liquid catch basin, an activated charcoal filter for fume capture, a noise muffler, casters, and an exhaust hose that can connect to a fume hood or outside vent. The MSC Control Console is constructed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), so it is easy to clean with soap and water. The suction motors in the MSC Control Console are durable, long lasting and maintenance free. The motors are rated at 700 hours of continuous use. Each unit has circuit breakers to protect the motors.

• Single Motor Console: 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz 1800 watts
• Dual Motor Console: 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 2990 watts

Regular maintenance can extend the life of a suctions table for many years. MuseuM SERVICES CORPORATION offers replacements for parts that suffer wear and tear during regular use of the suction table. Activated Charcoal Filters and Dome Lift Pistons are east to replace; Compressors, Motor Controllers and Suction Motors may require the assistance of an electrician.

MSC Control Consoles and Replacement Parts

250-001 Single Motor Console510 x 520 x 810 mm18 x 21 x 34 in
250-002 Dual Motor Console510 x 520 x 810 mm18 x 21 x 34 in
251-001Replacement Vacuum Gage 0-100 inches (2500 mm) H2O
251-002Replacement Vacuum Gage 0-200 inches (5000 mm) H2O
251-003Replacement Gast Air Compressor110 VAC
251-004Replacement Gast Air Compressor220 VAC
290-001 Charcoal Console Filter 14 x 6 in
290-002 Charcoal Console Filter 18 x 6 in
295-001 Console Exhaust Hose 10 ft (3 m)
295-002 Console Suction Intake Hose 10 ft (3 m)
299-003 Motor Controller 115 VAC
299-004 Motor Controller 220 VAC
299-005 Suction Motor 120 VAC, 2 or 3 stage
299-006 Suction Motor 220 VAC, 3 stage
299-007 Airbrush & Accessories

Tiger-Vac Vacuum

255-001 Tiger-Vac Vacuum Cleaner
255-001 Tiger-Vac Vacuum Cleaner
255-003 Micro Tool Kit
255-003 Micro Tool Kit

The Tiger-Vac vacuum cleaner has a powerful bypass suction motor at almost the same performance level as the single motor MSC Control Console. Vacuum levels up to 2500 mm H2O (100 inches H2O or 25 kPa). The suction motor produces an unconstrained airflow of approximately 178 meters cubed per hour - m3/h (100 cubic feet per minute - CFM). The motor controller allows fine adjustment of the vacuum and airflow. The Tiger-Vac Vacuum comes equipped with a HEPA filter for mold removal. Each Tiger-Vac Vacuum cleaner comes with one #4 tool kit containing four attachments, a Micro Vacuum Tool Kit and an exhaust hose that can connect to a fume hood or outside vent.

• More information about the Tiger-Vac Vacuum on the Vacuum Pumps and Suction Motors page.

255-001 Domestic, 110 VAC
255-002 International, 220 VAC
255-003MSC Micro Vacuum Tool Kit

Ultrasonic Humidifier

297-001 Ultrasonic Humidifier
297-001 Ultrasonic Humidifier

Used for gentle humidification of objects for flattening, relaxing, unfolding and unrolling treatments. There is no heating of the water like with a steamer. A flexible extension hose is included with each humidifier. A power converter is available with model 297-002 for use in countries with 220/240 VAC power.

297-001110 VAC
297-002110 VAC w/ 220 VAC converter
297-003 110 VAC with variable speed control
297-004Humidifier Hose and Fitting

PCT-E Supplies

293-002 Suction Diaphragm Material
293-002 Suction Diaphragm Material

Replacement supplies for suction table treatments.

Polyethylene Twill Screens provide a barrier between the aluminum suction platen and the object being treated. They also increase airflow underneath the object. When the twill is soiled, it should be disposed of and replaced with new screen.

Suction Diaphragm Material is a reusable membrane that is placed over the surface of the table to create a vacuum. It can be cut and manipulated as needed. When it is damaged or worn out, it should be replaced as well.

Teflon Tape is used to hold down the twill screening on a suction table. It has a teflon, no-stick surface to prevent artifacts from becoming caught on it as they are manipulated on the surface of the suction platen.

A Vacuum Gauge allows you to keep track of the vacuum level inside of the platen. If a Tiger-Vac is the vacuum source for a table, a Vacuum Gauge will allow accurate adjustment of the variable speed control to the desired vacuum level.

293-001 Twill Screenper meter/yard
293-002 Suction Diaphragm Material6 mil, per meter/yard
293-003 Teflon Tape 1 inch (2.54 cm) x 18 yards (16 m)
294-001Vacuum Gauge(0-200 inches/H2O)
M7522-050 Blotter Paper 50 sheets, 38 x 52" (97 x 132 cm), 100 pt

Paper Wash Trays

Paper Wash Trays
Paper Wash Trays

These sturdy, leak-proof, non-warping Paper Wash Trays are made of High-density Polyethylene (HDPE). They will stand up to most solvent use, including common solvents like Acetone and Alcohol. All trays have a 3-inch (7 cm) depth. Custom sizes are available, please call/e-mail to inquire.

No.Size (inches)Size (mm)
230-02111 x 14 280 x 350
230-02212 x 15 300 x 380
230-02318 x 24 450 x 600
230-02419 x 25 480 x 630
230-02522 x 26 560 x 660
230-02627 x 36 680 x 910
230-02748 x 60 1220 x 1520
230-02848 x 72 1220 x 1830
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