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200 Series: Paper Conservation Tables

MSC Paper Conservation Tables - Enhanced with Crossflow (PCT-E)

210-004 PCT-E Package, front view, suction platen horizontal
210-004 PCT-E Package, front view, suction platen horizontal
210-005 PCT-E Package, back view, suction platen vertical
210-005 PCT-E Package, back view, suction platen vertical
210-007 PCT-E Table, front view, Non-adjustable Steel Base
210-007 PCT-E Table, front view, Non-adjustable Steel Base

The PCT-E Package comes complete and is ready to use. Attach the suction platen to the stand, attach the hoses and start working. This machine is standard for Paper Conservation worldwide. This package includes:

  • An Enhanced Suction Platen with Crossflow function
  • Humidity Dome and Ultrasonic Humidifier
  • A Single or dual Motor MSC Control Console (Depending on table size)
  • A Support Stand with electrical adjustable height and manual tilt capacity, or a heavy-duty non-adjustable steel base for larger sized tables
  • The MSC Suction Table has low installation cost and excellent after sale service. It is low maintenance- simply clean the surfaces and drain any accumulated water from inside the platen. These machines draw a uniform vacuum on the entire working surface. There are no ‘dead spots’ having no suction. The MSC Suction Platen is constructed completely of aluminum with a perforated top. An included removable polypropylene twill screen increases airflow under the object. The screen is easily cleaned and inexpensive to replace. The entire unit resists abrasion and corrosion.

    What is Crossflow? Crossflow is an exclusive feature of the MSC PCT-E. When Crossflow is activated, it directs air upward to the top surface of the platen while maintaining a vacuum overall. For certain treatments, this circulation of air allows drying action from the underside of the object even while the object is completely covered.

    Custom sized PCT-E Tables are available. Please call for more information.

    Suction machines provide stable platforms during treatments such as manipulating inserts, adjusting distortions, control during washing, water treatments like spot leafcasting, stain removal, tape removal, vellum treatments, and aqueous linings. Clean dry blotters are placed between the object and the suction platen to facilitate the treatments.

    •120/230 VAC 50/60 Hz 1Ø 240 watts.

    MSC Cold Suction Table - PCT-E Packages

    No.Size (mm)Size (inches)Notes
    210-001610 x 92024 x 36No table stand included
    210-002890 x 114035 x 45
    210-003920 x 122036 x 48
    210-0041220 x 153048 x 60
    210-0051220 x 183048 x 72
    210-0061530 x 183060 x 72
    210-0071530 x 244060 x 96Non-adjustable steel support base
    210-0081830 x 244072 x 96Non-adjustable steel support base
    210-013900 x 150035.5 x 59
    210-0141200 x 160047 x 63
    210-0151600 x 240063 x 94.5Non-adjustable steel support base
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